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My Practice 

My journey through the field of mental health has been extensive and varied, encompassing work in community clinics, crisis centers, domestic violence shelters, transitional programs for youth, and educational settings. These diverse experiences have provided me with profound insights into the multitude of challenges individuals face across different contexts. I firmly believe that everyone is doing their best with the resources available to them, which shapes my approach to focus on leveraging your strengths and building upon them.


I consider the full spectrum of your life experiences, aiming not only to listen but also to offer actionable advice that enables you to confront challenges directly. Recognizing the need for support is not always easy; we often think we can handle everything alone. However, everyone deserves to have someone in their corner. Whether you are facing difficult times, dealing with loss, or seeking tranquility, it is completely natural to seek support.

In my practice, I address a wide array of mental health issues, ranging from stress and anxiety management to the intricacies of mood disorders and emotional regulation. I employ evidence-based methods combined with a compassionate, client-focused approach to help clients achieve mental and emotional well-being, equipping them with the knowledge and tools needed for a more fulfilling life.

I am licensed and practice in California - 106566.

Nicole Rose, LCSW


 Personalized Mental Health Services

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