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Parental Alienation

As a parent, the emotional turmoil I faced was overwhelming. I grappled with a profound sense of loss and helplessness that is beyond description. What was once the joy of parenthood transformed into a persistent, deep-seated ache—a trauma unlike any other I had encountered. This was exacerbated by false allegations, systemic failures within child protective services, and the inadequacy of my legal representation, despite having evidence that should have influenced the dependency proceedings in my favor. These factors culminated in the devastating loss of my ability to parent my child.

This personal ordeal has profoundly shaped my professional life, igniting a fervent passion to support others confronting similar challenges of parental alienation. I sought out specialized training and immersed myself in research, all with the goal of providing effective support to families torn apart by alienation. My aim extends beyond mere healing; I strive to prevent the very inception of alienation, protecting the delicate fabric of family bonds. My approach is compassionate and nurturing, creating a space where parents and children can start to heal. I offer customized therapeutic strategies aimed at restoring trust, enhancing communication, and repairing the bonds that have been broken.

If you are in the local area, I have established and currently facilitate a support group for parents and family members who have experienced systematic estrangement from their children. This group is a supportive space where you can share your experiences and find solidarity and understanding with others facing similar challenges.

I am deeply committed to advocating for systematic reform in family courts, dependency courts, and child protective services. My goal is to eliminate corruption and prevent these systems from failing and tearing families apart. I take pride in working towards changes that will protect families and ensure justice and fairness within these crucial institutions.


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