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Breakthrough Parenting

Court Approved. Certified.

- New Ways of Child-Rearing: Dive into traditional and modern parenting styles with insights from the latest psychology research.

- Revolutionary Parenting Tips: Learn to foster independence, combat victim thinking, encourage responsibility, shift perspectives, boost optimism, positively influence your kids, set healthy boundaries, and understand your child’s growth phases.

- Understanding Behavior: Get to the heart of what drives your child’s actions.

- Building Responsibility: Teach your kids self-sufficiency and resolve family issues effectively.

- Boosting Self-Esteem: Recognize the impact of labels, motivate positive changes, and show that mistakes are learning opportunities.

- Enhancing Communication: Learn stress-reducing tactics for discipline, listen better, build trust, and steer clear of blame.

- Influencing Positively: Adapt to your child’s learning style and lead by example.

- Redefining Discipline: Compare verbal and physical approaches, and understand the difference between discipline and punishment.

- Discipline with Kindness: Set clear rules, tackle behavior problems with logical consequences, and handle tantrums appropriately.

- Child Psychology Basics: Emphasize the importance of play, acknowledge cognitive skills, and celebrate individual strengths.

- Love’s Role in Growth: Follow the emotional development from babyhood through the teen years.

- Reducing Family Stress: Appreciate each child’s individuality and cater to their specific needs.

- Resolving Conflicts: Pinpoint conflict causes and apply successful resolution tactics to strengthen family ties.

- Discussing Tough Topics: Navigate conversations with teens on sensitive issues effectively.

- Fulfillment in Family Life: Establish family goals, live purposefully, guide significant decisions, and evaluate choices.

**Breakthrough Parenting Program Materials:**

- Textbook: A comprehensive guide by experts, making family dynamics clear and offering real-world solutions.

- Workbook: A collection of practical exercises based on 30 years of expertise, aimed at shifting family dynamics from conflict to cooperation, proven by thousands of families.

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