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Couples Therapy

Above the Clouds

Comprehensive Assessment: $200
Couples Sessions (60 min): $150

I'm here to help your relationship flourish. Every couple is different, and I offer a warm, open space for both of you to dive into what makes your partnership tick.

- Starting Point: We begin together in a session that dives into your love story, the hurdles you've faced, what's strong between you, and what you're aiming for with therapy. This initial meet-up shapes a personalized approach for your journey ahead.

- Boosting Communication: I zero in on making your communication stronger, guiding you both to share and listen more openly and with empathy. This covers everything from active listening to understanding and respecting each other's views.

- Conflict Smoothing Skills: Pick up ways to tackle disagreements constructively. We'll uncover root issues, look at unmet needs, and work towards forgiveness and mutual understanding.

- Deepening Your Bond: The aim is to make your emotional bond and intimacy even stronger. We'll explore paths to reignite warmth, value each other's strengths, and foster a resilient, loving connection.

- Handling Life's Shifts: Life throws curveballs, from career changes to family planning. I'm here to guide you through these transitions, helping to keep your bond solid along the way.

- Custom Fits: Using methods like Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and the Gottman Method, I bring in what works best for tackling your particular challenges and goals.

- Privacy Guaranteed: Your privacy is paramount. Rest assured, what's shared in therapy stays private, offering a safe haven for both of you to open up.

- A Supportive Space: My role is to support both of you, without bias or judgment. It's about creating a place where you both feel seen and heard, building empathy and understanding together.

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