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Individual Sessions

Light and Shadow

Free First Chat
Comprehensive Assessment: $150

One-on-One Sessions (30-50 mins): $120

I also take insurance. I will provide you all the information you will need to get started.

- First Meet-Up: We kick things off with a deep dive to get the full picture — your concerns, your story, and what you’re aiming for. This shapes the therapy game plan that’s all about you.

- Proven Methods: I mix and match stuff like CBT, DBT, and Psychodynamic Therapy to tackle a variety of challenges, from anxiety and sadness to stress, relationship bumps, and self-growth.

- Custom Game Plan: Your therapy path is as unique as you are. I craft a plan that grows and changes with you, filled with strategies that hit home for your particular scenario.

- A Safe Space: We'll chat over the phone or Zoom. I'll coordinate with you to pick a convenient time, then either give you a ring at our scheduled time or shoot over a Zoom link.

- Skills and Strategies: Pick up real-deal skills and ways to deal with tough emotions, better your relationships, and make positive shifts in your life.

- Check-Ins: I keep tabs on how you’re doing and tweak our plan to keep it right in line with your goals and what you’re feeling.

- The Full Picture: Understanding that it’s all connected, I might weave in mindfulness, lifestyle tweaks, and self-care to support the whole you.

- Privacy and Respect: Your privacy is a big deal to me. I’m committed to keeping our journey together respectful, private, and safe.

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